If you’ve been told that you need a complex or costly dental procedure, like a root canal, dental implants, or orthodontic treatment, consider a second opinion. At Laser Dental Group in Union, New Jersey, the expert dentists provide second opinions to help individuals determine the most beneficial type of treatment and if there are other options to explore. To request your second opinion, book an appointment with the online scheduling tool, or call the office today.

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What is a second opinion?

A second opinion is an in-office appointment that assesses your oral health and makes recommendations for treatment. It’s especially beneficial if you feel unsure about a particular diagnosis or care plan. Getting the opinion of another dental expert can provide peace of mind and help you determine what steps to take next.

How do I prepare for a second opinion?

Prior to your second opinion appointment, it’s important to prepare. Laser Dental Group recommends gathering the following information:

  • Dental health history
  • Dental insurance card
  • List of vitamins, supplements, and medications you’re currently taking
  • Any recent X-rays or relevant tests

In addition, bring your former dentist’s name and contact information. Laser Dental Group might reach out to them to confirm a diagnosis or to gather additional insights.

What does a second opinion involve?

A second opinion begins with a comprehensive oral exam, a review of your dental history, and a discussion of why you scheduled the visit. Answer your dentist’s questions as honestly as possible. The information you provide directly affects their recommendation for treatment.

After gathering the necessary information, Laser Dental Group takes a series of oral X-rays. This allows them to access detailed photos of your tooth roots, gums, jaw, and alveolar bone. X-rays can diagnose problems not visible to the naked eye and help guide treatment.

Following a thorough assessment of all the available data, Laser Dental Group makes a recommendation for treatment. The goal of treatment is to improve your oral health and prevent further problems.

How can I get the most out of a second opinion?

To get the most out of your second opinion, don’t hesitate to speak up. Laser Dental Group recommends asking the following questions:

  • What is your diagnosis?
  • What treatment options are available?
  • How will treatment improve my oral health?
  • What are the risks associated with treatment?
  • Will I need to schedule more than one appointment?

Laser Dental Group can answer any questions. The team is committed to keeping you educated and informed.

Don’t wait to request a second opinion at Laser Dental Group. Book an appointment with the online scheduling tool or call the office today.